“You have to support me with your moral high ground” – A battle breaks out between Azaria and Mark Lakatos.

It’s unlikely the stylist wanted this.

It is newly launched, RTL function– Broadcasting Locksmith Mark The rapper launched into a witty comment Asaria towards

I’ll give Azaria a functional puzzle to show you where to get fake Balenciaga items at the best prices!

cites rtl.hu stylist. Rapper on Instagram reacted For all this.

Dear Marco Lagatos! Unfortunately, this is a false statement because the plural is incorrect. Only the tf2 boots are fake, I ordered them from Ali for 10,000 and they are the most comfortable so far. Even with your brigade and your moral high ground, you must support that we do not support such ugly, evil, pedophile brands. On the other hand, I’ve been pushing for two years, and I’m already better than you, and that’s what the industry is all about

– Azaria mentioned the brand’s previous scandal, which we wrote about in detail in the following article:

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