“Who knows how many hands it passed through?” – LL Jr. is concerned that the data on his mobile phone has been accessed by unauthorized persons

His dead phone was found, for which he offered a million forints over the weekend.

Il Jr Over the weekend, he wrote on his Instagram page that he was performing at a nightclub in Miskolc, where he accidentally left his mobile phone near the stage. The device went missing and a reward of one million HUF was offered.

Blick’s singer He betrayed him, meanwhile the phone was returned to him but the finder did not accept the promised amount from him. Even if he recovers his device, he fears that his personal data may have fallen into the wrong hands.

I am concerned that my data may have gone to unauthorized people because who knows how many hands the device has passed through. I knew I had nothing to fear, but not only would it annoy me if my intimate, family records were leaked, but I also had business contracts and other sensitive data on my phone, which, if I didn’t need them, would be harmful. If they misuse it

He explained to the paper.

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