Vucic pleaded guilty to the crime for six days before being released by Kosovo police

The Hungarian Prime Minister said this during Tuesday’s meeting between Viktor Orbán and Aleksandar Vucic. he asked Serbian president to consider freeing three captured Kosovo policemen Peter Szijardo is in now on facebook Tuesday announced what everyone had been certain of: Serbian authorities would soon release from custody three Kosovo police officers arrested earlier.

Vucic pleaded guilty on Tuesday, saying the case had kept him up all night, but he didn’t keep to himself that he believed Kosovo authorities were arresting Serbs every day because they were still alive.

Orban and Vucic Balik


Orban and Vucic Balik

Photo: Prime Minister’s Press Office/Penco Vivian Cher/MDI/MTVA

These are Kosovo policemen who were detained by Serbs shortly after clashes between KFOR and Kosovo Serb protesters. Among the international forces, 27 Hungarian and 11 Italian soldiers were wounded.

Three Kosovar policemen were caught on the Serbian-Kosovo border, who the Kosovars say did not enter Serbian territory, and were abducted by the Serbs while raiding a Serbian smuggling route. According to the Serbs, three Kosovo policemen, armed to the cheek, were caught 1.8 kilometers from the border, in Serbian territory. The Serbian Prosecutor’s Office has – so far – accused the unauthorized production, possession, transport and trade of arms and ammunition.

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