Unaccompanied children are banned from the Mall of London

Minors unaccompanied by at least one adult are not permitted to enter the Glades shopping mall in south-east London. For now, he writes, the restriction will apply to this year’s summer vacation and put an end to the recent surge in incidents of juvenile delinquency. Metro

Police in Bromley, part of London’s metropolitan area, announced new measures last week, which would mean that teenagers can only go into shopping centers with adults and, in addition, they can’t enter the building with their faces down. Mask. For this, security guards will be stationed at the entrances, who may deny entry to anyone who does not comply with the new security regulations. The restriction comes into effect from Friday, which coincides with the summer holidays for British schools.

The police report did not give a specific reason for the actions, however, according to local residents, the goal is to prevent rising violent crimes by minors. A similar incident happened in Glades in April this year: Then a group of youths showed anti-social behavior in the plaza and refused to leave despite repeated requests. The youth clashed with the police who later arrived, and in footage that emerged on social media, you could see them fighting with them in a clothes shop, with many cheering them on. In the end, four police officers had to be taken to the hospital and six minors were arrested.

Juvenile crime is a burning problem in Great Britain, with youth recruitment gangs terrorizing people in many places. According to statistics, 13,900,000 juveniles were involved in crime last year alone.

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