Ukrainian spy chief: FSB assigned to assassinate Prigozhin

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The missing Russian general Wagner was secretly in the group

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The head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service said that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). Evgeny Prigogine He was assigned to assassinate Boss Wagner, CNN reported.

Kyrillo Budanov In an interview with “The War Zone” online magazine, he said, “We know that the FSB has been given this task. Let’s wait and see if they will succeed in this.

Budanov, who heads Ukraine’s Security Intelligence Directorate (GUR), believes such a massacre is not quick. According to him, it will take some time until the right conditions are in place. However, he added that possible assassination was an open question.

The Kremlin has remained silent on the issue, instead embarking on an aggressive campaign Vladimir Putin Strengthen the power of the Russian president.

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