Two days later, Prigozhin appears, and he says they don’t want regime change

Wagner’s president made the announcement Monday afternoon via his news service A soundtrack, in which he discusses the causes of the weekend uprising. He said they wanted to protest first that the Russian military wanted to integrate them. On June 30 they marched in protest to Rostov, where they handed over their equipment to the Ministry of Defense near the headquarters. But their rocket attack killed 30 people, so they immediately withdrew from the occupied territories. They didn’t want to attack, sorry, they had to shoot down some helicopters, but they couldn’t let them be bombed without an answer. According to him, only one person was killed on earth.



Their goal was to prevent Wagner from being dissolved and to hold those responsible for their bad decisions accountable.Special Military Operations” when. They were stopped at the moment when the first assault group positioned the artillery 200 kilometers from Moscow, and it became clear that there would be a lot of blood here.

According to Prigozhin, on the one hand, they did not want to shed Russian blood, and on the other hand, they wanted to protest first, not overthrow the leadership of the country.

Lukashenko offered Wagner that he could continue to operate in Belarus.

He noted that his march highlighted many of the security issues he had discussed earlier. “In twenty-four hours, we covered a distance similar to the distance from the starting point of Russian troops to Kiev and from there to Ungvar on February 24, 2022. If the tasks had been carried out by Wagner’s mercenaries at the beginning of the “special military operation”, the “special operation” would have lasted one day.“.

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