Trump can’t claim immunity from a defamation suit by a journalist he harassed

E. Jean Carroll in a New York court on May 9, 2023


E. Jean Carroll in a New York court on May 9, 2023

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images via AFP

Former President Donald Trump, E. The US Department of Justice said Tuesday that he could be impeached for making defamatory comments about Jean Carroll.

Trump’s lawyers previously argued in the case that their client was president of the United States when he made controversial statements and comments in 2019 and should be protected as a precaution.

E. When Jean Carroll was a journalist for Elle magazine in the 1990s, Trump sexually harassed her. This has already been stated in a final judgment, the court ordered the ex-president to pay the journalist 3 million dollars in May of this year, and in addition to legal costs of 2 million dollars, it was proved that he was sexually harassed in a new film. York store in 1996.

Carroll, 79, is seeking $10 million from Trump in a defamation lawsuit set to go to trial in January.

The subject of the lawsuit is a 2019 interview in which Trump made comments to a reporter in response to questions from reporters. Among other things, he dismissed the sexual harassment allegations, saying Carroll “didn’t even have a case.”

The Justice Department, on the other hand, said the circumstances did not support Trump acting as president when he made the statements, which could give new impetus to E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit.

In a lawsuit filed with the judge handling the case, the Justice Department said Trump was motivated by a “personal grudge” that stemmed from events years before he became president. Thus, it is irrelevant that he was in office at the time of the interview.

The ministry said the comments, published through an official channel, “refer to an entirely personal incident: an alleged sexual assault decades before his presidency”.

In this case, Trump sued the journalist who filed a defamation case against him. (BBC)

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