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The An impossible target A verse of the seventh part Conflict, but we don’t know who settles with whom in it. Mostly Tom Cruise over time. Because of the star’s commitment and director Christopher McQuarrie’s neat solutions and self-contradictory statements, we can forgive the story making no sense and not having a proper ending. Review.

Ethan Hunt, A An impossible target His secret agent has already defeated many. He defeated his treacherous boss, Jim the Spy, who came in from the cold and turned evil. He defeats his former agent partner who stole the virus, the arms dealer who later killed his wife, and the terrorist organizations known as the Syndicate and the Apostles. Who is left?

Ethan Hunt, that is To Tom Cruise He has one enemy left: time.

The An impossible target The seventh part, just released, is a big clash in time, in which a sixty-one-year-old movie star proves that he can jump from a mountain top on a motorcycle onto a speeding train, then replay the first part’s knife fight on top of the train.

Keep calm, Ethan! Climb down from the rooftop, sit in the dining car, order a coffee and enjoy the view.

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While we wait in vain for the protagonist’s moment of peace, he is given a sinister and unimaginable Hungarian title. Conflict Without it, it invites its audience to enjoy the view. Not in the Austrian Alps, through whose slopes Hunt drives the natural beauty completely insensitive, but in a majestic display of non-stop action scenes. Acting like a ballet performed with guns John Woo Introduced as a mandatory part of the series in the second part, the new Christopher McQuarrie And the episodes he directed raised the stakes. The An impossible target It gradually became the pinnacle of today’s Hollywood action movies and world-destroying superhero films and the. At breakneck speed Looney TunesTurned into a cartoon between car chases. The appeal of the series’ action sequences is that Tom “Gold Standard” Cruise pulls off the most daring stunts for our entertainment and survives it all.

At one point in the plot, which consists almost entirely of large-scale destruction, Hunt climbs through a chasm of dangling train cars, while the cars he left behind fall like rocks into the depths. I thought about it at the time, and that’s exactly what I was seeing, but others may have noticed earlier. Maybe when a nuclear bomb nearly explodes at an airport, or when Hunt and his new acquaintance Grace, a master thief, destroy the center of Rome in a Fiat 500. The question arises as to what exactly we are seeing because a Mission: Impossible – ConflictFor what happened Doesn’t make sense. Related to logic and reason, at least according to the traditional meaning of the word. To Cruise and Macquarie’s credit, it’s a bit confusing.

UIP-Danube Film

The ConflictWe can even be forgiven for poking our eyes out with half the film this time in New Hollywood style. Like this year, the story did not reach a satisfactory conclusion At breakneck speed The tenth part and Spider-Man: The Whole Spider-Verse No. Hollywood producers think that it is not enough to watch endless series at home, even in cinema we are interested in such things. I don’t know if they are right, but only time will tell. But it’s clear that Tom Cruise will do whatever it takes to lure people to the cinema.

New An impossible target, the highest-grossing film of all time, $290 million. That’s why he aptly says “Tom Cruise Presents: Tom Cruise” in the title.

Our respect, even our love, goes to the star, but there’s still something to smile about in his compulsion to comply, with which he raises the annual budget of European cities for his new film.

McQuarrie, who can laugh a little at himself between two nuclear explosions, is lucky to be standing next to Cruise, who knows nothing about the self-contradiction – or better yet, carefully hides it. Forty years – many years now. It was already revealed when A secret nation In the dialogue section, he is styled to look like the main villain, A ConflictAnd the writer-director winks at the audience whenever possible. After Kittridge, Hunt’s long-lost superior, more precisely, from the first part, talks about the nature of the next world war, the main character asks: “Do you hear this time?” At other times, one learns the lesson, “The key to controlling the world is a key that God gives.” Can you not be a fan of these statements?

UIP-Danube Film

That key belongs to the on-board computer of a Russian nuclear submarine, and at the start of the film, the crew in the hole take it with them to the tidal grave. Who wants to find him: All the secret and non-secret agencies of the world, as well as self-aware artificial intelligence.

In fact, it is legal for him to keep raising the stakes We are In his new chapter for McQuarrie and his co-screenwriter, To Eric Jendresen Only MI came to mind as the main villain.

The other possibility, I suppose, is climate change, but a magnified ChatGPT is still easier to hate than planet Earth. But the software that wants to rule the world has no face, so it needs a hitman, who in this film is called Gabriel. actorsKnown from Esai Morales He’s playing, and we’re supposed to believe that he’s sprung from Ethan Hunt’s past, from those teenage years the future secret agent spent atop trains that weren’t yet running.

So the main character has to face an invisible enemy and a familiar acquaintance for a long time. His old friend, computer genius Luther, intriguingly formulates his task as “algorithmically playing four-dimensional chess.” The funniest development in this chess game is that governments suddenly start writing down so much classified information on paper that the entity’s artificial intelligence doesn’t shoot them. It is comforting to hear the click of typewriters in an overgrown, digitized jungle.

UIP-Danube Film

McQuarrie otherwise maintains a close relationship with the past. The A secret nation Her opera grand scene also revealed that she was his number one role model Alfred Hitchcock. there The Man Who Knew Too Much Respectfully accepted the invitation, a ConflictAnd , he plays tricks on what the viewer knows in a life-threatening situation, what individual characters do, and where this knowledge conflicts with each other.

Although it is easy to confuse at first glance Mission: Impossible 7A Death fast 10– After all, hundreds of millions of dollars are appreciated for a middle-aged man who destroyed half of the world’s heritage led by Roman Spanish steps – this film is truly a noble effort.

Partly Macquarie’s elegant directorial solutions make it appealing, but mostly Tom Cruise is sure of what he’s doing. When we hold our hands to the top of a speeding train, it is not easy to resist.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part One (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One), 2023, 165 min. 7/10.

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