This week’s festivities could start with a storm

On Wednesday, especially from the afternoon, the formation of cumulus clouds will strengthen, and rain and thunderstorms are expected in Transdanubia. After thunderstorms, the temperature suddenly drops to 10-12 degrees – writes Time is the picture.

On Thursday, they add, pronounced festive weather is not expected: violent storms can be expected in many places, and the sun will be less. The maximum temperature is usually 28-29 degrees.

However, by Friday, there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms, sunshine with very high UV radiation, and temperatures could warm to 30-35 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday.

From Wednesday, EFOTT in Sukoro on the shores of Lake Velence and Vespremfest in Vesprem, two open-air festivals await those who want to have fun and relax until Sunday. From Thursday to Saturday, the Bangido Festival will be held at the Bank.

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