This is what real hobbits were like

A team of archaeologists and 3D artists have reconstructed the face of a human species that died 50,000 years ago, writes IFLScience. The Homo floresiensis They are a strange species whose members can only be 1.1 meters tall, which is why many call them hobbits.

The Homo floresiensis A truly mysterious species, we know so little about them that even some experts are skeptical Homo Can you classify them by gender?

One For a new study However, thanks to this, a research team was able to reconstruct what their faces might have looked like by examining the skulls in their entirety, bringing us a little closer to understanding them.

Cicero Moraes (CC BY 4.0)

It is important to point out that facial reconstruction does not give a completely accurate picture of the appearance of ancient humans, as body hair and external features such as the color and density of hair cannot be determined on the basis of bones alone. In addition, a skull gives only limited insight into how the muscle and fat tissue is structured in the bones, so some imagination is required to create the images.

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