“This is not a show, we pay with blood for every meter”

A faster counterattack requires more weapons. He said Ukrainian Chief of Staff Valery Zalushny in an interview with the Washington Post. The general pointed out that the Western backers would not launch a counterattack without air superiority, and that they could only deliver the promised F16s. Better yet, these machines could arrive in the fall.


Valery Zalushny


Another problem was the shortage of ammunition. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned in February that “Ukraine’s current use of munitions is several times higher than our production rate.” The longer the war drags on, the more scarce the reserves of the Ukrainian army become.

That’s why Zalushni gets angry when he hears that the long-awaited counterattack is progressing more slowly than expected. (Andras Krali and Andras Rocks spoke on our podcast about why the counter-offensive failed to live up to expectations and how the Ukrainian leadership dealt with it.)

US General Mark A. Zaluzhny reported on his friendship with Milly: “We have a contract, we’re in touch 24/7. So I can call him and say, ‘If I don’t get a hundred thousand rounds in a week, a thousand people will die.’ Go to my place.” Ukrainian General On Wednesday he said he asked his American colleague for ammunition again, but at the same time he knew that Milli was not the only one receiving the shipments.

As for the Wagner Rebellion, the general did not think he could have inspired a counterattack, as the mercenaries withdrew from the front after the capture of Bahmut. After many of Wagner’s soldiers were sent back, Zaluzhnyi fears that Ukraine will now have to reckon with a new threat from the northern border.

“It’s not a show,” he said. “It’s not a show that the world can watch, bet on or anything like that.” Every day, every meter we pay with blood.” According to him, without help, the counterattack plan cannot be implemented, but they are trying, “maybe not as quickly as the audience of the show would like, but that is their problem.”

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