This is how neglect becomes a lifelong disease

The protagonist of our story is Janos

Janos is a middle-aged man living in a large rural town who works as a project manager at a local company. His job is to maintain contact with clients, prepare project plans and manage the team. János is a goal-oriented person, work always took an important place in his life, he always tried to work efficiently and accurately, he often sat in the office for a long time to meet deadlines and confirm everything. Correct order. After work, in his free time, Janos liked to read, listen to music or sit and drink with his friends. He regularly exercised, mainly running and going to the gym, to maintain his health and maintain a balanced lifestyle. However, constant stress, pressure at work and restlessness also affected Janos’s health, and as a result he soon developed serious problems.

It started with an unpleasant feeling in his abdomen one morning. At that time, he was struggling for a while with the urge to urinate, but he seriously thought that all was not right with his body. However, Janos took the symptoms lightly, trivializing them and thinking they would go away on their own. So even though the symptoms got worse, months went by without seeing a doctor.

He developed bacterial prostatitis, which, as horrible as it sounds, could have been treated in seconds if he had consulted a doctor in time. However, Janos – pride, fear, who knows why – does not go to the doctor. The pain extended down to the pelvis and made the man’s life miserable even in daily life. And often, he felt the pain spread to his back and legs, limiting his movements. Due to constant pain and discomfort, Janos became increasingly isolated and lost interest in his previous activities. He went to bed every night thinking it would be gone by tomorrow, but his calculations didn’t work.

Finally, when the symptoms became truly unbearable, Janos saw a specialist. However, in the meantime, neglected prostatitis became chronic and developed into incurable pelvic pain syndrome. The doctor told Janos that regular care and treatments could have prevented the problem from becoming more serious. Since then, Janos has been beating himself up for not paying more attention to his health and not being willing to go to the doctor with his complaint despite the visible symptoms. Since then, he pays attention to his health and regularly attends treatment, although hip pain syndrome will remain with him for the rest of his life.

From here we send a message to all men: Don’t be like Janos!


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