They’ve been asking for it for a long time, and finally they’ll get it – US cluster bombs in Ukraine

  • The White House’s chief national security adviser announced last Friday that the United States would send cluster bombs to Ukraine.
  • Since last year, the Ukrainian government has repeatedly asked the Americans to send such munitions, but the White House has refused to do so.
  • A weapon that civil organizations have long been fighting to ban.
  • The embedded parts of cluster bombs have been a serious threat to the public for years as they can explode at any time.

A truly devastating weapon

A cluster bomb does not actually consist of one, but many – or thousands – of bombs linked together. The carrier device (cassette) falls on the target and scatters small projectiles that destroy a much larger area than a conventional charge. Bombs can be dropped on a target from aircraft, but they can also be launched from land and sea.

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