They discovered a mysterious object on the moon

Until now, researchers believed that granite did not occur anywhere else in the solar system except on Earth, but recently the material has been found in large quantities on the Moon. B.G.R. For now, experts don’t even know how it got there.

Although granite is relatively common on our planet, it is more difficult to find in other celestial bodies orbiting the solar system. This is because the rock generally requires plate tectonics or hydrous magma to form. Previously, only small amounts of the material had been detected in samples taken from the Moon.

A new one study However, a nearly 50-kilometer-wide, partially buried block of granite was recently discovered on the other side of the sky.

It is not yet clear how it would have developed.

According to the most accepted theory, the Moon was formed after the ancient Earth collided with a planet the size of Mars, but according to the researchers, the broken material does not explain the block of granite. Plate tectonics also does not take place on a celestial body, so this origin can also be dismissed. There is evidence that the moon was once volcanic, perhaps the magma needed to form granite.

NASA plans to map the affected area with a rover in 2026. The rover will certainly gather valuable information.

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