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George Michael Netflix’s Wham! We’d be better off if we could get a moving image memorial to every music icon who passed away early, as emotional, real and human as we got in the documentary. Meanwhile, the party is good, the story is beautiful, and the horse does not stick its foot. And the fact that all of this was put together in such a brilliant way using only archival material is a real achievement.

Again and again we want to make statements that there will never be an artist like … – then dozens of names can easily be replaced here. From Freddie Mercury to Janis Joplin is over To Bob Marley, indeed, if we really wanted, we could even go back to Michelangelo, but the length of this list proves that it is not only unnecessary, but also groundless to bury capital talent. We are blessed with wonderfully, unreasonably gifted men, some of whose personalities have been shaped by life, who are able to carry their talents to the top, their circumstances, country and fortune helping them – for example it may be George Michael And who to the statue. It debuted on Netflix a few days ago Wham! And he got his first — but likely not last — major film direction with the documentary.

In fact, though it’s a beautiful, well-rounded whole, the documentary is more like the backstory of an unfinished film. George Michael’s film “I Came This Way” is his coming-of-age story, an anteroom to his artistic maturity — and a very important anteroom. The Wham! Without, more Andrew Ridgely Without it, he would never have appeared. Based on the film’s testimony, Ridgely stepped in as a kind of guardian angel for little George, or more precisely George at the time (officially, according to the English spelling Georgios Kiriakos Panayiotou, his father is Greek Cypriot) because in his life, an eleven-year-old, chubby, soda-glass-glass, big-haired, quiet boy is introduced to the classroom as a new kid. We’ll never know why, but when the teacher asks someone to take the new boy under his wing, to introduce him to the school system and everyday life, Ridgely raises his hand – and he’s the exact opposite of little Georgos in everything.

He was loud, lively, active and a bit of a troublemaker. However, the two became instant friends. The fact that they were both sons of immigrant families (Ridgely’s father was Egyptian-Italian) may have played a part in this, but more than that they were both interested in music, and not just as receivers. At first they played radio shows, then it turned into joint songwriting, and even as a boy they dreamed of their own band. It was over pretty quickly, but the horribly bad ska music of a band called The Executive didn’t appeal to the audience, or indeed the members, and it ended quickly.


During this time, Ridgely and Yoke, as he was called throughout his life, grew into adolescence and adulthood and became frequent visitors to clubs and discotheques accordingly. Wham! The idea of ​​a band name was born on the occasion of such a gig, in fact, the latter Wham! Rob Also the first idea for the song. From there, events accelerated: the band was actually formed, and the song was born, along with the first versions of many vam songs, which later became popular, and the two guys, with an unshakable sense of the work of teenagers, besieged. Publishers will eventually be willing to find them. It was around this time that Andrew Ridgeley’s mother began a work of documentation that turned out to be of inestimable pop-historical value: Mother Ridgely is the Wham! From the first moment of its formation to the last, he collected the milestones of the band’s life and their material traces in huge albums, from photographs to newspaper clippings and chart positions to the dates of important appearances. These albums – thirty or so of them were made – also served as the source material for the documentary, Behold, how useful it is when one’s band has its own historian!

The first big event after the album was created was the first single, which was released after a long siege and many rejections. Mark Dean Thanks to a local boy named Dean at his age Wham! Very close to the boys, they lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same clubs, but Dean, who worked in the music industry, was rumored to have invented Soft Cell with others. Another aspiring pop star is intrigued by the idea of ​​listening to the lame demos of another boy next door. But one day Ridgely dropped a tape in Dean’s mailbox, and he ended up listening to things. It was a neat little demo, just a bunch of guitars and vocals, but it was enough to convince Dean. This is how party and dance music was born, combining social consciousness and rebellious teenage spirit. Wham Rap! (Enjoy what you do). Of course, the song is now considered a classic, but at first it did not fully meet the expectations attached to it: the press liked it, but it still did not reach very high in the charts, not even enough for the first place. 100 He did, however, come up with something important: by removing his hard-to-pronounce birth name, the stage name George Michael was born, along with the persona of the artist Yoke, which would later become emancipated and long imprisoned. Time.


Documentary Wham! In addition to presenting his short but very fruitful life journey, it tells the story of how George Michael searched for his own identity as a musician, as a person, and as a young man who realized he was gay. At the same time – although he has long identified himself as bisexual. He mentioned it in any way: even though he came out to his best friend at the first opportunity, he didn’t dare to talk to his parents or anyone else about his sexual orientation, and it didn’t even happen. He said he would come out publicly as a musician – remember we’re in the early ’80s. Additionally, Wham! Image and success are due in part to the fact that the two backbones of the band are beautiful, handsome, sexy, short and not afraid to bare it all in revealing sportswear. Just like they’ve been doing since the Beatles: of course they were crazy about the music, but the boys’ appearance was at least hyped.

Soon there was even a round of applause, thanks to a lucky coincidence: The Wham! – which, in addition to two good friends, was supplemented by Ridgely’s girlfriend and a professional dancer, only for design reasons, since the songs were composed by two boys – began to hack after the moderate success of the first single, their second song, Young guns However, it only managed to climb to number forty-two in the charts when a fateful phone call came from none other than the BBC. The Top of the PopsThey called the band and were told that the first invited artist had canceled the show. The Wham! With this he seized the papist’s leg: a Top of the Pops One of the most important shows on British Public Service TV, it’s the only Monster Music program to launch the full-fledged careers of famous bands. Wham! And this is how it happened: their colorful, dynamic, dynamic performance captivated the audience and immediately launched the career of the duo. From there, the band’s story is practically a complete and utter triumphal march, and while the film tells this story, George’s parallel human and musical growth story, as well as the development of the two boys’ friendship, are more interesting.


Ridgely is a perceptive boy, and truly and truly loved i saw So was his friend, so while he thought music was a great party,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and and an escape from the hell of boring civilian occupations because of his success,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ It soon became clear to him that Yog was a real musician and a real talent. So he quickly handed over the lion’s share of musical work to George, who grew as fast as he was being chased: soon after composing and writing songs, he also did production work, and he, too, got better and better. A singer—not to mention he’s a typical ugly duckling—narrates a story, and Wham! Runs in and becomes so cute that fans don’t know which guy they’re rooting for the most.

On the other hand, mentally, Ridgely was more “together”: he saw that his friend was more than him, and his self-esteem did not fall, in fact – one cannot truly lie about the sincere support that flows from his words. On the one hand, George chases success more and more frantically, on the other hand, the secret is increasingly lost, and he still does not know who he really is. An artist lives for self-expression—and George Michael was in great tension that his self-expression could not be complete.

When he discovers the answer and what it is, unfortunately not revealed in this film – it’s the end of Wham! At the end of a successful career spanning four years – we can only hope there’s enough archive footage of George hiding somewhere to reveal this. Its sequel cries out for a movie, solo success surpasses anything before it, certainly stormy, lonely, brutal pop industry peaks, personal life dramas, these are certainly more than the tabloids can handle. The process, and what we really want to know, is what remains of George and Andrew’s cute childhood friendship in Wham! After breaking up. In this sense, Wham! Doc really came up with what makes a successful blockbuster: We’re waiting, and what’s more, we’re almost demanding a sequel – but something like this, not some cheesy, tasteless musical film!

But the Netflix documentary is better than that: it’s delicious, catchy, wildly entertaining, and it’s told almost exclusively with archival audio from the two band members, Wham! Its history—providing an insight into the era’s spectacularly burgeoning music industry—is something that many would not have been able to do in a completely controlled environment. However, this document has been marked less than decorated with dozens of awards and nominations Chris SmithWe can thank some of the most memorable documentaries in recent years: He’s Isolated tiger kingFYRE Festival is documentary and unique Jim & Andy Behind it, and as with his earlier films, he was also able to tell about meanings beyond the specific subject matter of his film. Here, for example, pop music doesn’t have to be silly, calculating and empty, maybe guardian angels and true friendships really exist, and human greatness can have many faces: some have great talent, others have it. Enhance and support talent.

The Wham! Watch on Netflix with Hungarian subtitles.


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