The troubled days of General Armageddon

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Life is at home



The news on Friday morning was that for a long time everything seemed to be going well at the EP summit in Brussels, when Orbán and Morawiecki closed the table at the final moment, of course because of migration. Continue on Friday.

On Thursday, the legislative committee of the National Assembly, on the advice of Fidesz, softened the status quo laws to be voted on next week, but they did not touch on the most criticized areas. In related news, the Curia violated the NVP, and two of the five referendum questions were sent to the teachers union, so in principle it could vote on the issue of reducing the number of hours for students and faculty autonomy.

It also turned out that the government will help the dying newspaper market with VAT reductions, most of the players of which have certainly been brought under Fidesz long ago, and according to the news, Benz Dusan will not take over Judit Varga. As a whole, Orbán will take European affairs from his portfolio, and it is expected to be organized by the Prime Minister’s Office. Meanwhile, in his first interview since the announcement, Varga did not clearly answer the question of whether he had decided to continue as an EP representative, but in any case he “agreed” with his ideas.

ÁSZ will again impose heavy fines on opposition parties, and they are also investigating Kutyapart, but they do not fully understand the situation: the party distributed half of its campaign funds through tenders. The Auditor’s Office cannot determine whether the purchase of a Winter Crow flight or the purchase of a solar beer cooler with campaign funds is consistent with a typical campaign.

Since they could not name Lőrinc Mészáros, the stadium in Eszczecin was named Opus Arena, while István Tiborcz acquired a golf club in the neighborhood of Hadvanbusta, and Márton Nagy plans to sell valuable state assets. Lake Balaton.

A message came from home

And we also wrote that Andras Feldmar was not satisfied with the way Andre Kadarkai directed the conversation at the end of their interview, after which he sent him a text message.


Putin also honored Surovikhin here.


Putin also honored Surovikhin here.


The most important war news of the day was that Sergei Churovikhin, known as General Armageddon, had indeed been arrested, accused of conspiring with Prigogine. If Churovykin does indeed end up on the beach, the Russian military will lose its only leader who has actually won on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Based on inside information, it was possible to reconstruct how the Russian elite awaited the arrival of Prigozhin’s convoy: mostly fleeing or cowering.

There have been reports that a Russian spy may be indicted for the Kramatorsk missile attack, that the Czech government believes Russia poses a threat to the Czech Republic’s security, and that the reason for appointing Sander Fekir as ambassador is still unclear. . We also wrote how the Russians treated their rare command helicopters IL-22M like male eggs, they did not go near the Ukrainian air defense – but they did not count the Wagner parade and Putin. He made a strange face.

András Rácz and András Király were guests on the 444 Newsroom podcast series, and what other topic could there have been than Prigosin’s coup attempt. But Ukraine’s counteroffensive and Putin’s future were also discussed.

Paris is burning



17-year-old Nahel M. France has been rocked by protests and riots for the third night since the shooting by police. By Thursday evening, 40,000 police officers had already been deployed in the country, and the French prosecutor’s office also said that the ID police officer could not have shot the 17-year-old boy dead.

Also, news broke out

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