The taxi drivers went to the shop

The National Association of Taxis sent a petition to the Budapest Capital Municipal Government regarding Bolt’s trademark usage practices. The Blink Referring to the code, he writes that the scheme “impliedly aims to relocate the institution”.

Zoltán Metál, president of the National Taxis Association, asked the municipality in a letter to cancel the passenger taxi service licenses issued to Bolt HTX Kft., as the designated transport operator, BKK Budapesti Közlekedesi Központ Zrt., in 2021. According to him, they are illegal.

According to Metal’s reasoning, the current legal regulations precisely define the uniform free sign and logo that can be placed on passenger taxis as specified in the General Assembly Decree, which can only deviate from a free sign under trademark protection.

However, according to him, “Bolt HDX Kft. and its contracted private taxi contractors use a free sign with the words »Bolt Taxi«, which is unique in its shape, font and color choice”, a public Hungarian trademark owned by Bolt, despite the international parent company. According to the registry, the word »BOLT TAXI” is trademarked under registration number 234664, which is inconsistent with the concept of “free sign under trademark protection” as explained above. , that is, according to him, “it does not apply to the approval of transport organizers, because it should not be a word, but a symbolic trademark”.

So their problem is that the inscription above the shop-owned taxis starts with a capital letter, but continues with a lowercase letter, and is not written in capital letters.

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