The South Korean president made an unexpected visit to Ukraine

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The Orthodox Metropolitan of Kiev was arrested

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He made an unannounced visit to Ukraine Jun Chok Jol President of South Korea, there in the afternoon, among others Volodymyr Zelensky The South Korean presidential office announced on Saturday that it is also holding talks with the president of Ukraine. After the NATO summit in Lithuania this week, Jun Chok Jol traveled to Poland, from where he arrived in Ukraine. The South Korean president first visited the site of the Buxa massacre and then Irbini, where people were hit by intense artillery fire. According to the announcement, before his joint meeting with Ukrainian President Jun Chok Jol and his wife, With Kim Khon Hi Together, lay a wreath at a war memorial as a sign of respect.

South Korea’s president announced this week that he is working to send rescue service equipment and demining equipment to Ukraine, as well as joining a NATO fund for Ukraine.

South Korea’s Ministry of Land Transport, Infrastructure and Transport revealed in a statement on Friday that in addition to munitions and weapons, it intends to support Kiev in other ways, such as the reconstruction of the country. Accordingly, a declaration of intent was signed on Friday by Seoul, Kiev and several other countries, in which cooperation between the institutions is set as the goal of reconstruction in the war-torn country, the ministry writes. (MTI)

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