The priest, who also attends political events, was banned for “suspicion of indecency with a child”.

Szeged-Csanád County Bishop László Kiss-Rigó banned Father D. from all priestly activities, the church said in a long, long list published every summer of personnel changes in Catholic dioceses. (His full name is mentioned in the notification.)

I asked what was behind this decision, and the diocese of Szeged-Csanád answered quickly, albeit briefly: a retired priest.

“On suspicion of inappropriate behavior with a minor, he was barred from all priestly activities by his senior pastor and he ordered a preliminary investigation into the case”.

Bishop László Kis-Riko of Szeged-Csanád District


Bishop László Kis-Riko of Szeged-Csanád District

Photo: Peter Komka/MTI/MTVA

D., who also works as a doctor, has assumed many roles in public life, and he has a career that requires two whole persons. One of his official addresses

v. lg dr. Dad,

That is, Valor, Knight, Doctor and Priest. During one of his lectures, he was introduced as a lawyer, a theologian, a professor, a teacher and a knight. Magistrate, but they also refer to him as “Daddy Doctor”. According to his official biography, he was previously a scout commander, parliamentary expert and SOTE instructor.

In the 1990s, several newspapers reported that he was removed as director of a rural hospital on disciplinary grounds after a consultant he hired entered into unfavorable contracts with three equally interested companies. He caused a national scandal in 2007 when he consecrated the flag of the Hungarian Guard. Classifying T.’s participation as selfish, the Synod distanced itself.

Father Toki celebrates Mass at the end of last year


Father Toki celebrates Mass at the end of last year

Photo: Youtube screenshot

Father Doki later turned to the extreme right: two years ago, he gave a speech in support of the double cross of Mi Hasang.

“The Family Is the Main Target of the Attack Against God and Man in the Western Hemisphere”,

“However, the globalist-neomarxist forces that appear in gender madness, for all their evil intentions, are destined to fail”.

He held several positions in the Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK) in the past decades: he was a former regional president and then a member of the national supervisory board for a long time. He unsuccessfully applied for the post of President of the College of Ethics. In response to my question, the IOC wrote that D. was a national representative but currently holds no elected or other positions.

I found Father Toki’s only contact, his family doctor’s office number, but he didn’t pick it up. I also wrote to the Szent Korona Society, in principle he is an important member, but no reply.



Fülöp Kocsis, Archbishop of Hajdudorok in his office 444

Photo: Gábor Bankó/444

For the fifth time in five months, a conviction against a Catholic priest in a child abuse case has been made public. It is worth noting the different ways in which the bishops have communicated, but overall – very slowly, compared to before – the transparency of persecution cases in the Church seems to have improved.

  • András Hodász himself wrote that he was persecuted by a priest, but the Archdiocese of Esstergom did not publish anything about it, only 444 revealing some details.
  • The Archdiocese of Caloxa issued a brief announcement in its entirety that the priest had been suspended for an offense against a minor.
  • The Archbishop of Hajdúdorog did not announce anything on his own, but at my request he finally gave a detailed interview about the ongoing police investigations against Father Sz.
  • The Benedictines provided the most detailed information about a saint’s disqualification, asked for forgiveness, and offered help to victims.

In the case of Father Toki, the picture is also mixed: the church gave information about his ban in a well-hidden place, only its essence. why left However, when I asked about it, the Diocese of Seket-Zanat responded. Three years ago, László Kis-Riko did not start the investigation even after we discovered the case of an active priest: he had to leave his previous post because of several cases of child abuse. In this case, the preliminary investigation has started.

Bedridden clergyman

Camp Bishop Tibor Berta


Camp Bishop Tibor Berta


Facebook/Catholic Camp Bishopric

It is also clear from recent diocesan announcements that Pula Bishop Debor Berta has suspended a military chaplain from priestly service. Army Camp Spirituality has not responded since last Wednesday to my question as to the reason for this. But what he did was only sin in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

According to the notification, the priest “CIC 1395 k. Suspension based on § 1. I will translate: this is the canon of the Church Code 1395, the first paragraph of which reads: “A clergyman who has sex (…) and a clergyman who persists in blasphemy in other external sins against the sixth commandment shall be punished by suspension; for this, if the penal action continues after a warning , other punishments may be gradually added, up to removal from the priesthood.”

I would also translate this: According to the Catholic dictionary, it is Companion (in Latin concubinatus) means “a permanent, extramarital sexual relationship between persons of different sexes, involving cohabitation”. The External sin “Determining guilt by word or deed” should be implemented. The Corruption and “the act of inciting or encouraging another to commit an offence”.

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