The price hike doesn’t stop at IKEA either

There is one product at IKEA whose price has increased by 41 percent since March – writes in his essay A financial center that keeps track of furniture store prices. The newspaper said the company announced in January that even though commodity prices had risen several times last year due to inflation and war, there would be an increase this year as well.

Pénzcentrum’s list includes many products that did not increase in price during the period examined, they are cheap products, but they note that in this case it is worth investigating. How much has the price risen in total over the last four years? As they point out, a LACK wall shelf costs only HUF 1,490 in 2019, while the same shelf at IKEA costs HUF 4,290: a 188 percent increase.

In the article, they write, of course, the Swedish company is not the only one forced to raise prices, there is a significant increase in prices in the complete sector, because according to KSH data, since June last year, the carpet corner sofa set has increased by 10 percent, the lower part of the kitchen cabinet has increased by 15 percent, the dining table Prices rose by an average of 28 percent.

According to Pénzcentrum, since the end of the first wave of the epidemic, the price of dining tables is on average 91 percent higher, but the price of kitchen cabinets and corner sofas has also risen significantly: the former is 57 percent higher. Now compared to June 2020, the price of the latter is 47 percent higher.

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