The police collected pictures of the speeding cars

Best County Police Headquarters has compiled footage of the past year’s high-speed tragedies on video. The In the video There are 14 different photographs, all taken in Best County.

In their post, police remind us that speeding can take innocent lives and tear families apart. For this reason, they ask all drivers to slow down and think about themselves and others.

The car crashed in a traffic accident


The car crashed in a traffic accident


Best County Police Headquarters / Facebook

Speeding accidents came back into the spotlight after a 26-year-old cyclist died on the Arbat bridge in early July after being hit by a racing sports car driver.

A few days later, cyclists staged a demonstration and marched in front of the police palace, where they handed over demands for tougher rules to a police representative.

After the tragedy, the minister responsible for transport, János Lazar, spoke about the need to tighten KRESZ. According to experts, this is a necessary step, but the main problem is that there will always be people who violate the current rules.

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