The number of teachers in Hungary is rapidly decreasing

Teachers and former teachers at a demonstration by the ADOM student movement on June 5, 2023


Teachers and former teachers at a demonstration by the ADOM student movement on June 5, 2023

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1,884 primary teachers started working in public education in the 2022/2023 school year, which has just ended – He complained to Nebswa Office of Education.

Based on statistics from, the paper calculates that fewer and fewer people start their higher education studies in teacher training.

In 2017, 18,183 people applied for teacher training courses in Hungary, and 9,091 students were admitted to these training courses.

“More than 10 percent of applicants and less than 21 percent of those who started training eventually became teachers in general education,” the newspaper writes, adding that due to the structure of university courses, it is not easy to determine. This is with 100 percent accuracy. However, the trend is clear and striking.

The Article Education analyst Istan Nahalka noted that the number of teachers who started their careers last academic year was unfortunately low, especially if we take into account that some new teachers leave the department after completing their internship, due to work conditions, salary situation or personal reasons.

When the low point was in 2020, when just 11,000 people applied to become teachers, this year the number has surpassed 18,000, the same level as six years ago, but the adoption of the status law threatens that fewer will come. , more and more people drop out, and teacher shortages.

According to Nahalka, it is impossible to stop the weight loss, because the number of teachers decreases by 3-4 thousand people every year due to retirement. More than 5,000 teachers may retire this year, according to the teachers union.

The Klebelsberg Center did not provide Nepsawa with information on how many schools it knows have multiple teacher resignations at the same time.

The number of 444 teachers who are leaving can be tracked here.

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