The hotels are afraid of loss due to this decision of the government

They face an unpredictable season – which hoteliers complain about after the government announced last week that the SZÉP card can also be used for cold meals from August 1 – was told On RTL News. This was announced in a government meeting on June 19 Gergely Gulyás, from August 1 to the end of the year, the use of SZÉP cards will be changed and the limit will be increased. The head of the Prime Minister’s Office announced that employers will be allowed to increase the SZÉP card limit, with a maximum amount of HUF 450,000, with an additional HUF 200,000 according to the relevant discount rules. According to a government decision published since then, almost anything can be purchased with the SZÉP card, except for alcohol and tobacco products.

In the Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants, they are afraid of losses and want to introduce this change after a month. They also recommend limiting the amount you spend on cold food. Due to this, the organization has written a letter Great Martin To the Minister of Economic Development.

“We wanted to use two smaller schemes, one to reduce the start of August 1st to September 1st, i.e. the main post-season period, and the other to limit the use of the SZÉP cover to 30-35% during the cold season. Food if possible,” he told Hirado. Thomas FleschPresident of the Association.

“I think it’s better to support families in absolute need in a different way than with this card, which is primarily aimed at leisure and entertainment,” he said on television. Miklos NagyDirector of Hotel Bonvino.

RTL asked the government if it was planning any changes based on the association’s proposal. They did not respond to this. They wrote: Raising the limit of the SZÉP card and expanding its use will significantly increase the purchasing power of households, help domestic tourism, and contribute to GDP growth.

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