The Home Ministry has ordered a code red till Wednesday

Due to the expected heat, the Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered a red code from Saturday morning to 8 pm on Wednesday.

Code Red is a special procedure according to which all social institutions must open their doors if the regional dispatch service is in trouble on the street and directs those who cannot help themselves there. In the last short period of time, Code Red has had to be ordered twice nationally, something like this has not happened in recent years

– he said Attila Philip The Secretary of State is responsible for Saturday security policy. He added: In addition to measures for social enterprises, the Red Code is a warning to the community. The Secretary of State asked everyone to look out for themselves and, if you see a homeless person in trouble on the street, report it to the regional dispatch service.

During the Red Code signal issued the previous week, dispatch services received a total of three dozen signals, 8 of which required the location of those in danger.

Cecilia Muller The National Chief Medical Officer has issued a level three heat alert across the country from Saturday to Wednesday midnight. A level three heat alert is issued when the average daily temperature reaches or exceeds 27 degrees Celsius for at least three days. (MTI)

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