The heat has reached its peak on Wednesday, and a warning has been issued across the country for possible thunderstorms

The heat wave peaks on Wednesday, with daytime temperatures ranging from 32 to 37 degrees. Apart from the sunshine, the formation of cumulus clouds will be strong and rain and thundershowers are likely at many places during the afternoon and evening hours, he writes. time film. Violent storms with rain and hail are also possible. The greatest opportunity for this lies in the northern part of Transdanubia. South-southwesterly winds will prevail at many places, and strong, gale-force winds are possible near thunderstorms. A secondary warning has been issued for the entire country and a part of the country.

On Thursday, northwesterly winds, rain and thundershowers will occur at many places. Heavy thunderstorms with hail, rain and wind may also develop during this time. North-west winds arise in many directions. Variation can be large, with peak temperatures ranging from 26 to 36 degrees, with the south being hotter.

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