The Győr administration has gone deep into the treasury to acquire land from farmers for the battery factory.

Kior paid five times the price for the land in Szentivan, and it seems to have had an effect: almost one by one, the farmers who had so far resisted sold their farmland so that Kior could expand the industrial park there. .

Until now, Győrszentiván farmers resisted Győr’s pressure and did not sell land at the price of HUF 300 per square meter, but on May 26, the municipality drastically raised the amount offered.

The Telex reported According to the new offer for 40,000 square meters of land, the amount is about HUF 53 million, which corresponds to HUF 1,300 per square meter.

A letter containing the offer was sent by the Mayor of Kyorin, András Csaba Dézsi Produced on his authority by a local law firm and sent to 300 locations. There are a total of 169 parcel numbers in the selected area, with some parcels having more than one owner.

According to many, the sudden price change is directly related to the referendum initiative of the local MSZP, which was allowed by the court in the first instance, and which said that the lands in Szentiván could not be expropriated, the newspaper added.

Both questions refer to practically the same thing, so that the industrial park in Győr cannot be expanded so that (even) dangerous industrial activities can be carried out there.

  • Should a battery factory be established in Győr?
  • Act no. 141/2018 agree that the Municipality of Kyor County City shall not initiate expropriation proceedings. (VII. 27.) For the purpose of expanding the Győri industrial park, declared a matter of special importance by government decree?

The city challenged this decision, and the Constitutional Court finally decided on July 14: not to allow the referendum because the expansion of the industry was not considered a local public matter.

Municipal representative of MSZP, Pallas Poleris According to his calculations, the purchase of 4 million square meters will cost Győr approximately HUF 5-6 billion, this money (a total of HUF 10 billion) is provided by the government to the municipality under the pretext of developing an industrial park.

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