The function was repackaged as a house party, but the hedgehogs didn’t listen to the celebrity quiz

It is understandable why it happened function One of the most successful contests on Hungarian television, because Henrik Havas has so much fun showing off his bike as if he were playing chess. The program has now been reviewed by RTL, which is very similar to the game of large gatherings of friends, and accordingly, there was a relatively small game, but a lot of humor and bloodthirsty hedgehogs. First broadcast.

There aren’t many board games that look fun from the outside, but they do exist function Like that. The game is based on very simple rules, you have to communicate the solution to your partner in various ways – pointing, drawing, rhyming, writing – it is the most fun and popular party game all over the world. The board game hit the market in 1990, and since then there aren’t many people who haven’t stumbled upon the cards with friends or family vacations, often with puzzled expressions. For this reason, it is no coincidence that a TV show is built on it, because you don’t see it every day Kiszel Tünde Right now Attila’s boat Try to show it somehow to GozzoIt is function Unsurprisingly, it ran with great success on TV2 between 2001 and 2007.

The function Reviving it is also an understandable move, as it is one of the longest-running TV quiz shows. Due to its popularity, it was difficult to release TV2 format: in 2016 Active activityLived for another season on Life TV in 2021 Anita Abel It made celebrities compete.

RTL Press Club

The game has now moved to another big commercial channel, RTL, where only the structure has been kept, i.e. famous people come with pairs of puzzles, but the surroundings are completely different, in line with current trends. It also shows that Shodar Club Produced by his team – at first glance, one might even believe that he switched to another project – A Christoph Kovacs The crew working under the producer is the same as the one that produced the first series in the 2000s. The field of contestants also reflects the zeitgeist: there are influencers, TikTokers, presenters, fashion designers and singers. On the first broadcast Mark Lagatos, Victor Crawley, Wanda Schumacher, Rosina Vosala, Solko Toth And Prince David They took over the game, in the role of host Mad Jarai Filled – this is not always the case, according to the promise of producers, providers will be drawn later.

No matter what happens, Vosala immediately announced that we will see the losing hosts’ competition that kicked off Frogligunami, which began airing on Monday night. The contestants’ gifting was exhausted as the actors shouted at each other and attacked their partners, where the most common topic was the most detailed analysis of Schumacher’s smell and Zara’s dress, but no consensus could be reached. He was dressed as a porn actor, a waiter, a mouse or a waitress. There was also some warm banter when Schumacher’s original name was questioned – it was raised whether he had changed his name from Orphan. Raghe Philip The origin story of its namesake is also talked about, but the bit of forced humor is thankfully soon replaced by gameplay that, if not maddeningly exciting, at least brings with it moments of mild fun.

The creators made a twist in the tasks, in the three-round competition they did not stay in the field of classic puzzles. After all, if they have to draw with the felt in their heads, rather than putting it in their hands, it’s much funnier, and gives the viewer a bit of a jolting experience when Vossala is buzzing. Dare to find the fish bowl he touched. In some cases, animal protectionists must have grumbled when a live porcupine was placed in a closed box, but when the large porcupine passed by and bitten Schumacher with the boxed animal, they had little satisfaction and ran straight to the bar. Some disinfectant alcohol. The third task could be accused of real creativity, in which contestants had to sing Hungarian songs while others wore headphones. As it turns out, Vosala is a great inventor of these kinds of puzzles.

In the evenings, seven celebrities hang out in a rented apartment for an unrestrained party

– promises the game’s slogan, which describes well that it strays from the sterile, studio atmosphere of the original show and likes it. functiont, which everyone knows, means free, informal play in groups of friends. For this reason, there is a huge living room in the studio, popcorn and champagne are prepared for the players, and the comedy ratio to play – it is half of the previous ones – which clearly shows how strongly the show is trying to express. They see a house party full of celebrities. For now, it’s questionable how successful it will be, the first broadcast showed it was possible, but many will certainly have deep sympathies for Crawley, who was accused early in the show of not laughing. He gave a clever answer: Because it hasn’t been very funny so far.

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