The fiery flavored cheese-sour cream ice cream takes over Lake Balaton

This year, a competition was organized called Palaton Ice Cream, and the winner was the prickly mango sorbet of Amaretto Facizzo in Palatonalmad. However, the special prize winner of the competition is the most talked about, which is not surprising, because Vitorlas from Palatonmaria entered the competition with a flame-flavored ice cream with fagiso cheese and sour cream – it was announced. 444.

Matter was born, so the inventor, Balfi Attila He was debating with his wife which flavor of ice cream he should enter in the contest and asked her if he could make ice cream out of fire. He somewhat reluctantly told her yes, but it turned out that they were able to make a very unique dessert without any difficulty.

And about how to imagine cream cheese flavored ice cream, A We love Balaton Given image. Accordingly

The stock prepared this way is frozen by mixing the salt with the flame-thin roasted center in a food processor. It is topped with sour cream, flame crumble and grated Trappist cheese.

“Crumbs give the ice cream a great texture. Although we were very bold and did not dare to add garlic, the end result is still special and wonderful,” the article says.


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