The dangerous TikTok challenge has claimed four lives in half a year

A trend has started to spread more and more on TikTok, the essence of the challenge is for brave people to jump into the water from a moving motorboat or ship – writes New York Post.

However #Boat Jumping The challenge was born already in 2020, and it has only become more popular this year. Unfortunately, the trend has already taken its toll.

According to the paper, the first case was in February of this year, when a man jumped from a boat on the Coosa River in Alabama with his wife and children. the mother took the caseBut the video was not available later.

The man’s death was followed by three more.

In the last six months, we could have easily avoided drowning four times

He declared Gym tennis The captain is a member of a rescue unit.

Dennis asked sailors not to be partners in such challenges and their friends and loved ones not to participate. If a person jumping from a boat does not protect his neck and head, he can easily become paralyzed or die.

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