The bomb found in Venice’s lake is special

Originally a German 10.5-centimeter artillery shell, the Soviets at that time converted it into an aerial bomb by installing their own ignition mechanism.

writes In his Facebook post The Fire Engineer and River Guard Regiment of the National Defense about the bomb that caused the evacuation of the Üdülő utca camp in Kartoni on Saturday afternoon. Infostart picked up the post, in which they wrote that firefighters who arrived at the scene found and secured a 15-kilogram Soviet shrapnel bomb, which was in a transportable condition, and the dangerous device was taken to the center. Assembly point for Hungarian Defense Forces for later destruction.

The soldiers also told them what is the safe procedure if someone finds an explosive device while going to the beach or bathing. In such cases, they recommend, among others, to try to mark the area with a stick, float, children’s toy or any suitable object, and if it is not possible to mark due to the depth of the water, look for the nearest one. Road to the shore, then inform the police.

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