Taylor excess: Lautners and Taylor Swift recreate Spider-Man meme

They became very good friends.

Taylor Lautner And Taylor Swift They dated for a few months in 2009 but broke up in December that year. According to fans, this is the singer twilight He wrote about the actor published in 2010 December again In which Swift apologizes to a tanned man for something that happened on a certain night.

Swift and Lautner have been separated for 14 years and married last year: one Taylor Dome Taylor Lautner married a nurse who decided to take the actor’s name, so he is now Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Swift called out Lautner the other day Era for the Kansas stop of his tour. He invited the actor to his next stage and, among other things, praised his talent for stunts. I can see you He also shined in the music video of his song.

He was a positive force in my life when I was making my Speak Now album and I want to say that he did every stunt you saw in the music video.


He and his wife have become close friends of mine, and it’s true that we share the same name

he added Swift was later praised by Lautner on stage in a similar fashion.

The actor later shared a photo with his wife and the singer on his Instagram page. Recreated spider man I remember superhero cinema two years ago No way home Viewers will get to see it in the third part as well, but only then Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland And Tobey Maguirein a row.

Lautner’s wife was a huge fan of Taylor Swift as a child, and in a post dedicated to the three of them, she shared with her followers a photo taken 13 years ago, in which she poses with the singer. , not realizing that one day they’ll be friends — and she’ll marry her ex.

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