Sweden is also ticked off, and the junior handball team continues as group winners

Hungary’s men’s junior handball team reached the quarterfinals of the World Championships as group leaders after defeating Sweden 29-26 in the second round of the senior semifinals in Athens on Monday.

Player of the match Imre Benz with 11 goals, Gerko Fasekas with 5 goals and Christian Mickler with 12 goals contributed to the victory.

The Hungarians qualified for the quarter-finals by winning all three matches played in the group stage and two matches played in the semi-finals. In the top eight, he will play from 21:00 on Thursday in Berlin Laszlo Sodoni Federal Coaching Committee. The opposition will be the Croatian national team, which lost 31-29 to Germany on Monday night.

Upper House Semi Final, 2nd Round, III. group

Hungary-Sweden 29-26 (16-13)

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