Shame on Russia

morning! This is one of our newsletters, Reggel 4. But before we get started, here are four highlights from the cover:

  • “They probably guessed we wouldn’t lose our minds.”
  • Timothy Snyder: Here’s His Preview of How the War in Ukraine Will End
  • Even after the price cap is removed, the price of food remains in the hands of the government.
  • Ivan Krastev: Russian propaganda was careful not to produce another famous general after Marshal Zhukov, but Prigozhin developed himself well.

After the coup attempt

After the collapse of Prigozhin’s rebellion, he pledged China’s support to Putin and sidelined Sergei Shoigu. But where was Putin? The Independent Russian news portal asked Medusa before it appeared. Péter Szijjártó, on the other hand, claimed to have been in close contact with the Russian leadership during the rebellion. Viktor Orban later said that there is no reason to change the direction we have followed in the war so far.

Kommersant wrote that the FSB was actually continuing operations against the founder of Wagner’s private army on suspicion of organizing an armed uprising. In the evening, after Saturday’s pardon, Putin again called the leaders of the uprising traitors. However, Lukashenka does not mince words: according to him, he has now saved the entire Slavic civilization. Two days later, Prigozhin also appeared, saying that they didn’t want regime change, they wanted to demonstrate, and he regretted that they had to shoot down two Russian helicopters.

According to American historian Timothy Snyder, Prigozhin’s frenzy was a preview of how the war in Ukraine would end. According to Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev, Russian propaganda was careful not to produce another famous general after Marshal Zhukov, but Prigozhin developed himself well. And the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs, Joseph Borrell, described the weekend’s events as follows: “The devil has rebelled against his creator.” The video also captured the moment Prigozhin received the inspiration to march on Moscow from a blogger during an interview.

An 8,000-man camp for Wagnerites is being built in Belarus, and Wagner’s recruiting centers in Siberia have been reopened. However, according to Putin’s former top adviser, private forces like Wagner’s are completely unnecessary.

  • According to Ukraine, they may be invited for simplified access at the NATO summit in July.
  • Turkey still does not support Sweden joining NATO.
  • The British planes were intercepted by Russian Su-27s over the Black Sea, but they separated after a brief encounter.

Under Orban

Since 2010, no body under common law has generated more resistance and achieved success against the government’s push than the OBT, a self-governing body of elected judges in 2018. Tamás Matusik, one of the main figures of the opposition, was elected president by the members for the first time in OBT history in early June. We talked to him.

He had “no time and no man”, so the head of the Integrity Commission chose the winners of public procurement: Ferenc Pero told journalists that he did not give his public contracts because “they do not belong to a third”. Party”.

“Now it is not II. World War I that should be remembered, but the victims of the Russian occupation, who should be told who is guilty,” reads one of the covers of the Soviet memorial in Csákberény. The monument was opened last Monday by Russian soldiers, but it was filled by two Hungarian men on Saturday.

before collapsing

Whether it is worth filling the pantries and freezers at the end of July depends on the details of the forced sale after the price caps are removed, but according to industry experts, the price ceiling will definitely increase prices.

The Péterfy utca hospital was on the verge of collapse before the director general resigned: it was impossible to conduct surgeries, despite the alleged defects in the operating room rooms.

  • Hotels care about the SZÉP card, which can be spent on cold meals.
  • On Sunday, a rescue helicopter was alerted as a joke to Mezőcsát.

Behind our borders

Several 1000 km transmission lines can be built in Germany to distribute green electricity.

A woman who lost both her son and husband in the Titan tragedy has spoken out. By the way, MrBeast was invited to a Titanic submarine cruise, but he said no.

Without culture

Banned from their home, Belarusian football teams have found their home ground in Hungary: apart from BATE, Tarpeda-Belaz Zsadzina and FK Neumann Hrodna will play in yet-to-be-named domestic stadiums.

  • Reynolds and McElhenny will enter Formula 1 after Wrexham.
  • Over the weekend at Glastonbury, Rick Astley played and sang Highway to Hell.
  • World’s oldest Nobel laureate dies at 100
  • II. Giorgi Korta and Claire Balas became honorary citizens of the district.
  • What is a hand-raised beaver doing in an apartment?

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