Schobert Laura: At home, when we’re not looking, Dad hides in the closet and eats gum

The fitness guru’s secret is exposed.

The function In his latest broadcast Schobert Laura too with. At one point in the show, a block of gum appeared and the others started teasing it Rubind belongs to Recca Daughter, she must not have seen such a large portion of the aforementioned sweets. Schobert denied this, saying that he ate a lot of gum as a child, as did his siblings.

“You communicated strangely on the outside, but…”
– Obviously! But that’s the marketing side of things

– A short exchange of words was heard, after that Anita Abel He started asking sometimes Schobert Norby And “went in a gummy bag”?

At home, when we are not looking, Dad hides gum in the cupboard and eats it himself

– Revealed by Schobert Laura.

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