Russian secret service may have threatened Prigozhin’s family

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After instigating the revolt, Prigozhin phoned Putin in vain

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The Russian secret service threatened him Evgeny Prigogine Before Wagner’s mercenary leader halted his advance against Moscow, his family – Citing British intelligence sources, he writes telegram.

According to a British newspaper article, it was revealed that Wagner had only 8,000 men, not 25,000 men, and that if he had actually attacked Moscow, he would have most likely lost the battle.

Vladimir Putin Now he is trying to integrate mercenaries into the Russian army, trying to eliminate the leaders if possible, the Telegraph has learned.

The paper notes that the reports may explain why Prigozhin had to back down, but it remains unclear whether an agreement was actually reached, and if so, what kind of agreement it was.

The Kremlin said on Saturday it would drop treason charges against Prigozhin if he traveled to Belarus, but one of Putin’s most important confidants has not commented on what happened since then and his whereabouts are unknown.

However, Prigozhin’s potential release did not please everyone, not even among Russian propagandists: Andrei Kuruliov A member of the Russian parliament said on Sunday that Prigozhin and another key leader of the Wagner group had no choice but to carry out the death penalty.

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