Robert Sikora on the song Úristen: They said, do you accept this as a Christian?

According to the singer, God has a sense of humor.

It was launched in April last year Wal Mar And Robert Sikora general, Lord is God It became the most popular song of 2022 in Hungary. Sikora the other day A attention His employees He told me About how their collaboration was perceived With Betty Marix And Valgus with Milan.

I am told that you accept this as a Christian? Why do I say? The good Lord has the same sense of humor. We have humor because God has humor

The singer explained.

As he said, members of the Walmar duo visited him in the studio and then showed him over the phone where the song was.

I told my wife you are two madmen here. I think they are very talented. They weren’t crazy, not in that shape, but more like today’s guys. The 21st century has arrived and these are its days. I say. For somewhere among them I saw a Robica Sigora, and in 68 I pressed Ragospaloda to give him the lion, for I would bite his throat in two. And so they were

– remembers Sikora, from whom young fans ask together hundreds of photos from the introduction of the joint number.

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