Robert De Niro’s newborn daughter makes her TV debut

The camera already loves him.

Zia Virginia Sen-De Niro Born in April Tiffany Sen And Robert De Niro As the actor’s first joint and seventh child. Despite her very young age, the girl has already made her first TV appearance, appearing by her mother’s side. CBS Morning In his Friday broadcast, in which Sen To Gayle King He gave an interview. Among other things, the world champion martial artist spoke about the fact that her face was temporarily paralyzed shortly after giving birth.

The child appeared only briefly during the approximately ten minute conversation. The presenter hugged the girl and jokingly asked:

“Gia, what’s your favorite Robert De Niro movie?”

– “I’m the star of what’s done in the delivery room!”

Tiffany Chen responded on behalf of her three-month-old daughter.

Zia’s piece can be found here:


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