Rats running around South Railway Station – Video

MÁV treated children to a free petting zoo – Hungarian Kétfarkú Kutyapár posted a video with this comment on his Facebook page on Sunday. In the footage, rats can be seen running around the southern railway station in a small green area in the middle of the concrete platform.

Party leader for RTL Hirado he said,

One of our big problems is that people in the big city are far away from nature, and I think to fix this problem, they built a petting zoo in the middle of the ring where you can pet the rats while the kids wait. to the train.

As the channel reports, the station is as attractive inside as it is outside: part of the waiting room is also enclosed, and on the side facing the tracks, there are rows of OSB boards supported by planks. The government had already considered demolishing the deli in 2016 as it wanted to green Budapest.

“That’s why we are negotiating to demolish the southern railway station and create a big green area so that the city is more livable not only for tourists but also for residents. It’s very important that the ratio of green areas should be increased to a greater extent,” he said eight years ago. John Lazarus Minister at a government conference, recalls RTL.

MÁV notified the channel in writing

They no longer want to demolish the Southern Railway Station and instead, have started preparing complex renovation plans. MÁV can carry out the modernization of the passenger hall from its own resources, and Hungary is waiting for the support of the European Union to renovate the areas outside of it and make them seamless.

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