Rachel Orban opened a baby store in Balaland

After her small mountain cave, Rachel Orban continues to build her network of children’s shops on the southern bank of the Balaton in Palaland. The owner of the luxury hotel in Száltód, Richard Szepesi, was formerly a business partner of István Tiborcz.

Julie Boros and Daniel Nemeth visited the five-star Balaland Resort in April. For the development, the company guaranteeing the hotel received a HUF 9.8 billion loan from a Russia-based international investment bank — which was withdrawn from Hungary because the United States put the bank’s Hungarian vice president on its sanctions list — and received. Multi-billion dollar government aid.

Last May, the Prime Minister’s daughter opened her first children’s store in the Hekivitek shopping center in Budapest, and we were there for the opening.

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May 17, 2022, 3:26 pm

Rachel Orban opened the unusually spacious cave, and her grandfather was present at the opening

The Prime Minister’s daughter opened a sustainable children’s store in the Hekivitek shopping center and we visited the opening.

The Tile shop Contact information for the store in Száltód is already listed on its website. Don’t look for it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, only the Budapest store is open on those days, and only the Saltot store is open on Sundays.

Odu Store Kft., a child company of the Prime Minister’s daughter, generated a profit of 1.7 million forints in its first full business year – with sales of 233 thousand forints – and closed at a loss last year. 55.6 million forints. Nevertheless, they saw that the time had come to open a new store.

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