Putin sinks deeper than the ruins of Titan

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The Tsar is naked



“Putin has unwittingly conducted a stress test of his own system. Its charm has already been broken with the ax of aggression against Ukraine. It is almost impossible to regain the magic once lost. The old cliché about the emperor and his clothes.” It was said by none but Stephen Godkin on Saturday. But it doesn’t matter, one can cite a hundred more similar things from big names, because there is a lot of agreement here: Putin’s system showed itself to be weak and vulnerable, which was seen in the Siberian villages as in Kiev. Washington or Budapest.

On Friday night and throughout Saturday anyone who wasn’t a mercenary heading toward Moscow was shot down with impunity, shooting down helicopters and airplanes to force a nuclear government. Although an agreement was eventually reached, the confusion and debate has continued ever since. No one in the Kremlin believed until the end that Prigozhin could launch an armed uprising, but the US knew what he was up to days in advance.

According to the former Russian prime minister, this is the beginning of the end for Putin. András Rácz is more thoughtful than this, but he writes that those basing their politico-business strategy on a relationship with Putin should reconsider. Lukashenka, on the other hand, may become stronger and play a role in ending the war.

  • Let’s look at the bright side: Moscow high school graduates win an extra week of prep time because of the Wagner uprising!

Believe me, Greeks!

After Mikotakis won in May


After Mikotakis won in May


To some extent, Greece has taken a back seat to these, where they are bullied, fenced off, and press freedom is worse than in Hungary, opposition leaders ask. The victory of Mitsotakisz, prime minister from 2019, was not in question in early elections on Sunday; In fact, there will be an absolute majority. Greeks fear the Hungarian road – wrote Attila Tóth-Szenesi in advance. And he shot.

4 at home

Isn’t it?


Photo: The Christoffel Collection via Twentieth Century Fox / PARAMOUN/AFP

Canadian authorities are questioning the crew of the vessel towing the Titan. Less than a week has passed since the sinking of the submarine, and Netflix has announced that you can watch Titanic again starting in July.

Meanwhile, relatives of the victims of the Greek shipwreck that killed hundreds watched in anger as what happened. “It is sad that the submarine carrying five rich people received more attention than the Greek migrants. Millions of dollars have been spent to bail out the rich, but the poor have no such chance.

III. Chimpanzee

Rival factions wage a merciless war for resources, while bosses must watch out for power-seekers from within. The series Chimp Empire unfolds a true royal drama from the history of the world’s largest chimpanzee community with stunning visuals.


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