Pumped Capo: I guess Fidesz and Christianity don’t meet

He wanted to join the party and give good advice to Viktor Orbán.

Gabor SzaboBetter known as Driven cabo For telex was given Big interview after the Balaton sound. The journalist spoke at length about his moment of fame and how he developed a compulsion to conform when he started working in the media industry.

Totally exploited by the media, but that’s about it. (…) I work in media and you have to be camera fit. When people see something, they want to laugh. You know, when they turn on the TV, they don’t want to think, they want to see how stupid it is, how crazy it is. These are Hungarian consumption habits

– Szabó explained that he feels that in recent years it has been a bad smell in the media, and in his opinion it still is.

However, recently, the image that he has developed so far has changed a lot: he has spoken on many public life and nature conservation topics: he has shared his thoughts on global warming, and he has also been naked in the Lake Ferte investment.

As he said, he still likes to fool around, but considering his mainstream profile, he wants to do something else.

My childish self often comes out in me and I don’t mind it. The problem is that everyone sees this kid as a fool, they think they can pull him, bully him, and get what they want from him. It hurts me. It’s hard for me to do something ugly. I don’t want to shame people anymore, I’ve discovered and learned over the years that it’s good to pass it on to others. These are things you may not laugh at, but things you should think about.

Based on the feedback, he feels the audience is loving his new self. He considers it important to lead people to return to God and realize how good it is to be close to nature.

I have been feeling for some time that God wants to speak to people through me. (…) I spend a lot of time in nature, because it is very close to God. There you find God, you find peace, and then you come back to the city, and the people are here again burying each other. But it is not the people who can do this, but this whole system is so deeply rooted that it is to incite people against each other. Hungarians are especially like that. When a small child is born, no one tells them this. For example, even Tom and Jerry, a children’s story, is all about hitting and fighting each other. We always see these in fairy tales.

As for his low points, Shapo revealed that when he went into the woods last fall, he only smoked weed for months and was depressed. He was afraid of how he would tell people that he had changed and how it would affect his earning capacity. He started to show a little bit of his new unfired self.

Now he earns 3 million HUF a month from DJing and various promotions, but according to his own admission, if he could, he would live in a house surrounded by animals in the jungle. However, he cannot make money from this, and as he says: “God wants to make him a rich prophet”.

As for what he said in his latest interview, he believes people will definitely be surprised by what he said – although he added that it depends on how the newspapers cover it.

The last time I took my followers to church, there were already comments that I had become a Fidesz hypocrite. But I think Fidesz and Christianity did not meet. They want everything for themselves and they devour it. It will rot from the inside anyway, it turns out that they jumped the drug in the sewer and even the case of the porcupine. The problem with Fidesz is that they too feel that this is not good, so they absorb the lines. I was already thinking of joining Fidesz, becoming Orban’s friend and asking him to do good things instead.

– Popularity reflected, he also explained why he thinks the leaders of those countries don’t care about the people living there being happy.

It’s not in the government’s interest to make you happy anyway, because if you’re happy, you have nothing to fear and don’t need the government to protect you. However, when you are scared and separated, you wait for someone to save you. Then the government appears as a savior. Orban does the same

He explained.

But it is everywhere in the world. Only he does it differently than the EU. I started thinking about this last year at Ferdo Lake and it seemed like they were buying and installing everything they thought was good for them. But if the MZP had won, it wouldn’t have been better either. If you have a girl who bores you, of course you say you want to be with someone else, but that’s not good either. No government wants people to be happy, only God wants that.

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