Prosecutors asked for more than 12 years for Giarfas and life for Portick

Former media tycoon and swimming association president Thomas Gierfus wants to be convicted of incitement to premeditated murder, as Gierfus is believed to have ordered the execution of his rival, media tycoon János Fenio. Mandarin.

Thomas Kierfass at the Metropolitan Court in 2020.


Thomas Kierfass at the Metropolitan Court in 2020.

Photo: Tamás Botos/444

According to the paper, the prosecutor spent a day and a half reading his statement at the Gyarfas-Bordić trial, one of the central elements of which was an analysis of phone conversations between the two. According to the prosecutor, Giarfas had a motive and serious intention to kill Janos Fenio.

The prosecutor said “every piece of the picture fell into place” and then proposed that the court find Giaarfas guilty of premeditated murder and sentence him to a fixed term in prison. This means a sentence of more than 12 years for Giarfas because the prosecution originally offered Giarfas 12 years ago in 2019 in exchange for a confession, which he denied.

In relation to Portick, the prosecution demanded that the court find him guilty and sentence him to life imprisonment in the case of planning, inciting and killing many people out of greed.

The trial continues on Thursday with a statement of defense from Giarfas’ lawyer. Defendants have the right to have the last word in the fall, after which the first-degree sentencing could come.

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