Property management in Zugló was clarified, and the report reached Csaba Horváth with great difficulty.

It took two months for the mayor of Juqlo to officially receive an investigation report prepared by the municipality’s City Management Company, which reviewed the use of municipally owned property.

MSZP Csaba Horváth At a board meeting in May — after being asked to inform delegates of the results of the review — he said no such document had been received through his office email system. The present Deputy Mayor, Andros Rosa On the other hand, he said he was told by the oversight committee member who prepared the report that the commission had closed its investigation, and that the report was then sent electronically to Horvath several times. Rossa proposed that the mayor conduct an internal investigation to find out where the e-mails had disappeared from the official mail system, and requested that he personally arrange to receive a document produced by Zuglói Városzádzáldzálkógi Közszolgáltató (ZVK) Zrt.

Instant fb member of ZVK Zrt, Cecilia Rascal-Clemm Two weeks ago, he announced in a Facebook post that he had printed out a six-page summary of the study and sent it to the mayor’s office by registered letter with return receipt requested.

In response to a question from, the Zugló mayor’s cabinet announced that it had received Csaba Horváth’s report in the past few days.

I received the material from the Supervisory Board a week and a half ago and we sent it to all members of the delegation early last week. We also sent a report to the Mayor’s Office Internal Audit Department and the Clerk

Horvath replied.

ZVK Zrt. Monitoring the activities of the long-standing opposition-majority district has caused serious tension between the parties. At a board meeting in May, representatives talked about the fact that they would be interested in the results of the oversight board’s investigations, as they had not been able to see the company’s operators before.

Laszlo VarnaRepresentative of the municipality of Zugló wrote on his blog About political experiments behind ZVK Zrt. According to Várnai, based on the company Csaba Tóth It was under the control of a former MSZP Member of Parliament and “acted as a proper private MSZP empire”.

All department managers in the company are Csaba Tóth’s people. During the 2021 primary election, from the general manager to the human resources director, to the rental inspectors, two dozen zrt. We can remember the workers standing with forced smiles in Tóth’s primary election tents for two weeks. He needs a lot of help

– Varnai wrote.

Last year, the board succeeded in appointing a new manager to head the multibillion-dollar asset disposal company. István Pernula It is true that since then they have tried to replace him in person, but the qualified majority has not accepted. Instead of socialists, members of other parties also joined the supervisory board. Last year, the municipal representative body entrusted the new fb to conduct four investigations.

Of this, only a hard-to-find real estate utility survey report was completed in the past year, which was handed over to a current FB member. District Member of Parliament Varnai said. Achos Hadassi He also repeatedly requested the head of the monitoring committee to complete the investigations and send the materials.

Report received by ZVK Zrt. said that its operation is far from efficient real estate management.

  • Only half of the approximately 900 real estate properties are rented out.
  • Properties are in poor condition
  • Administrative and decision-making processes are lengthy,
  • In some cases, the municipality pays for common expenses rather than money from rent.

This report illustrates the agricultural situation with the example of Togoli út 150. The mall, located next to the municipality, was repossessed by a former tenant in 2016, and for 53 months, “nothing happened” leading to its re-letting. No renovation works have started, a pastry shop has been taken out without renovation but not rented out. In 2020, the mayor postponed the decision. And then the last three years were not enough to put together a successful application for publication.

The Supervisory Committee carried out its work with sufficient thoroughness, which took time. Zuglói Városzádzádzágálji Zrt. And their job is to draw the attention of both the owner municipality to any anomalies or late-night malfunctions that come their way. The latter, in particular, may require a regulatory change to address the issue at hand

Mayor Csaba Horváth wrote about the results of the investigation.

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