Peter Schramek on Hafra Mari: Now I Understand Why Jimmy Loved Her

The duo recently shot a music video together.

It appeared the other day Peter Schramack I thought I was over you A video clip of his song. Song first the king Created for the series, but ultimately not used for broadcasts.

The singer’s producer initially recommended it to the series Hafra Marit Creation Justice Panna Dominicott She was asked to play a role in the short film, but Schramek thought it would be a good idea if the real Hafra Mari appeared in the clip as well.

Jambo Jimmy His ex-love said yes to the invitation, Schramek now to Porsche He told me About their experience working together.

I am proud that we were able to work together. And since the song is about his life, it’s important that he gets a good ending. (…) I personally knew a direct, kind and very beautiful woman. Now I get it, I’m not surprised why Jimmy had a crush on her. Granted, the recordings took place in different locations, but we still had a chance to get to know each other

Singer told the paper.

Had the chance to meet Hafra several times during the shoot. Although they never spoke to each other, on one occasion they both surprised each other with a gift.

I gave him my latest album The King as a souvenir and got him to autograph his book. Can’t wait to read it as I think it tells everything about their love

Srimake added.


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