Peter Hajmazi: Once trust is lost, the relationship is over

He believes that once trust is lost, whether it is a deception or betrayal, it cannot be restored.

The breakfast In one of today’s segments Comb Nellie And Peter Hajmazi They talked about the need for B-plans in life. At one point in the broadcast, the topic of relationships came up, and the actress said: In her own case, she always wanted to save her relationships until she thought they could be fixed, but if they weren’t, she let them. Her companions go. However, she did not find solace in the arms of another person, but immediately ended the relationship.

As for the topic Zsófi Szabo He asked his guests if they were dating someone, or if they could plan if you were already married. Fésős replied, no, the matter depends on two people, and “if sand gets into the machine”, it makes the situation even more difficult.

Reflecting on what was said, Peter Hajmazi said, in his opinion, planning is possible, but only as long as the trust between the parties remains intact.

I think if there is faith, it can be done. I don’t think it’s possible to plan from there if the hope is gone, and I think it’s going to be gone anyway. I think relationships end when trust is gone. A small mistake, a small mistake or something like that happens. I think once trust is gone, it’s gone and you can’t get it back

– The athlete explained, adding: He never knew that he had never been a B-plan for anyone, and in everyday life he strives to be the first in every situation.

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