Only then will the July Pension and Family Allowance arrive

July pensions will be replaced by the Hungarian State Treasury on July 12, 2023 (Wednesday) – to attract attention Alone. Who.

If someone requests transfer of pension into bank account, they can get pension from 12th July.

If you claim the benefit by post, the postman will receive the pension on a specific payment date called the pension payment calendar. Post office provides monthly pension for 12 working days every month. So, from July 12 to July 27, you can expect the June pension to be paid by post.

Following are Family Allowance, Child Maintenance Allowance, Child Maintenance Allowance, Disability Allowance, Individual Allowance for Blind.

Mentioned on July 4, 2023 (Tuesday).

Expected date of bank loan is Tuesday, July 4.

If the Family Allowance is paid by post, it will arrive 2-4 working days after the date specified above.

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