One of the flight attendants said that you should not eat or drink on the plane

In summer, many people take flights for long or short trips. An American flight attendant shared some helpful tips with them.

It doesn’t hurt to keep a few things in mind when you’re on vacation by plane. Among other things, what he eats and drinks above the clouds. An American flight attendant revealed that she won’t eat on the plane. Freedom writes.

who requested to withhold his full name, Whitney A flight attendant says she doesn’t like drinking tap water on board. How often they change the water in the planes’ tanks and clean the pipes varies from airline to airline, so he wants to make sure.

For the same reason, you should not drink coffee or tea on board because they are made from tap water. Caffeine dehydrates you, which can cause discomfort due to lower than atmospheric room pressure and oxygen levels. Due to dehydration, Whitney won’t even drink alcohol, and while she’s at it, they notice: the ice in the drinks is also made from tap water.

The flight attendant makes another interesting point. Because of the low pressure, people are unable to perceive the flavors, so companies that serve machines usually make food with more salt and more spices. According to Whitney, that’s why most of his colleagues bring their own food and drinks to work.

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