One of Kevin Spacey’s accusers says she woke up to the actor sexually assaulting her

Kevin Spacey’s trial on 12 counts of sexual harassment has entered its seventh day in London. On the seventh day, the court heard testimony from a man who says he was sexually assaulted by Spacey in a London apartment.

This incident happened in 2008. The man, then a young aspiring actor, said he wrote to Spacey to ask for career advice. A few weeks later, the Oscar-winning actor called her up and offered to go out for a chat and a beer. When the man broke the news to a friend, Spacey said he liked “young straight guys,” but he told the court he had no idea the American was a sex predator.


Kevin Spacey is trying to go to court in London.

Photo: RASID NECATI ASLIM/Anadolu Agency via AFP

They met Spacey, walked the actor’s dog as a trio, and then Spacey invited the man to his nearby apartment. There, they ate pizza, drank beer and smoked weed, and then Spacey asked if he could hug him, after which he buried his head in the man’s hip. “I thought it was very strange,” the man testified in court. Afterwards, he falls asleep at Spacey’s apartment, which is strange because it’s not usual for him to knock himself out like that.

Two hours later, she awoke to find Spacey removing the slip and verbally abusing her.The man told him not to do it, but Spacey still didn’t stop, only when the other man pushed him. Spacey immediately told the man to leave the apartment.

Spacey’s attorney, Patrick Gibbs, tried to derail the testimony by saying the man called his client several times after the incident, wrote messages and wanted to meet him. The man said he wanted to meet with Spacey to get some kind of confession. But he also said you don’t want to anger one of the most influential people in the world you’re trying to break.

Spacey is accused of sexually assaulting four teenagers in Britain between 2001 and 2013. The actor denies everything and maintains his innocence. (Guardian)

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