No one survived this space flight

The mission of the Soyuz-11 spacecraft ended 52 years ago, on June 29, 1971. The vehicle successfully returned to Earth, but after opening the chamber, reports revealed a terrible tragedy.

Soyuz-11 was launched on June 6, 1971 with three passengers. Georgy Dobrovolskyidentity, Vladislav Volkovwith and Victor BagaevBring on board. The mission aims to be the first time astronauts enter the world’s first space station, Szalyut-1.

The astronauts successfully docked and spent 23 days conducting scientific experiments on the space station. The trio then headed towards Earth, where the vehicle landed successfully. The Soviets learned of a tragedy only after the capsule was opened, as three astronauts were found dead.

According to experts, one of the air pressure equalization valves of the spacecraft may have opened en route, resulting in a loss of pressure in the passenger compartment, air leakage and crew suffocation.

model From last article The astronauts wore only sports clothes on the way, so they had no chance of survival. Since then, astronauts have been strictly required to wear a spacesuit to receive oxygen during takeoff and landing in case of a similar malfunction.

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