Nina Dobrev has revealed whether she would like to play a vampire in the future

He believes that a Satan’s Notes It would be too early to talk about its relaunch.

Nina Dobrev He was a guest on Radio Andy’s studio the other day. The hosts also asked on air if the actress would play more vampire roles between 2009 and 2017. Satan’s NotesThe audience could see

I think it always depends on the character and the director. I don’t want to say never, because if Steven Spielberg directed or Martin Scorsese planned a vampire movie, I think if there was a great role that challenged me in some way, I would take it. Steven, call me, Martin, let me know!

Dobrev said.

Which is that Satan’s Notes As for the reboot, according to the actress, it is unnecessary to talk about it now as it has only been six years since the end of the series.

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